Citizens Guaranty Bank is Rebranding

Why is Citizens Guaranty Bank rebranding you might be wondering?!? What you probably don't know is there are 19 banks in KY alone starting with the word "Citizens". So to stand apart we will be rebranding as “CG Bank.”  This will allow us to have a clear and precise name as we continue to grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Citizens Guaranty Bank being acquired or sold?
No, there is no change in ownership of the bank with the rebrand and we are not being sold or acquired by another financial institution. Our owners are local and will remain local!
Will my accounts change?
No. Your accounts will not change. You will have the same account numbers and benefits that you currently have with Citizens Guaranty Bank.
Will the routing number change?
No, our routing number will stay the same—042101475.
Can I continue to use my Citizens Guaranty Bank debit card and checks?
Yes, you can continue to use your debit card and checks as normal!
Can I continue to use Online Banking and the Mobile app?
Yes, nothing is changing with online banking or our app at this time. Watch for information on when you will need to log in to Online Banking and update the app at a later date.
Will there be a change with employees?
No, our staff will remain the same. We will continue to be the same friendly faces you know and trust.
What will happen after Citizens Guaranty Bank's rebrand?
Locally owned and operated for 50 Years, the bank currently has over 90 dedicated team members in 7 different locations with a unifying mission: to help our customers enhance their lives and achieve their dreams while actively supporting our communities where we live and work. Rest assured, this will not change. We are simply going to operate under a new logo with a clear and precise name.
Who can I contact if I have questions about the rebrand?
If you have additional questions about the upcoming rebrand, we invite you to contact us at (833)83-MYCGB.
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